Khuli Katcheri at HYD and JAMSHORO District Account Offices

In response to directives from the Honourable Accountant General of Sindh, an Open Katchehri was held on April 26, 2024, in the Districts of Hyderabad and Jamshoro. The event aimed to address public grievances, especially those faced by pensioners at the District Accounts Offices in these areas. A two-member team, led by Deputy Accountant General Mansoor Ali Siyal and Assistant Accountant General Adeel Ali Lanjar, was tasked with this initiative.

Various issues were heard during the meeting, including problems with the General Provident (GP) Fund, FIFO lists not being followed and staff not adhering to proper timings. Among these, the majority of the complaints were regarding pension payments. The DAG AG Sindh directed District Accounts Officers and Additional District Accounts Officers of the concerned districts to resolve the pending issues and ensure timely disposal of all claims, especially those related to pensionary benefits. For complaints pertaining to payment of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR), Commutation, and Gratuity, it was emphasized that such payments must strictly adhere to the FIFO policy of the Finance Department.

To ensure effective implementation, the progress of District Accounts Offices will be closely monitored following the Katchehri. Regular follow-ups will be conducted to hold the DAOs accountable and ensure that public service standards are upheld. This will include monitoring the working of DAOs and questioning them as part of the follow-up process, ensuring that the issues addressed during the Katchehri are resolved satisfactorily.


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