2nd Monthly Review Meeting with District Account Offices

Pension Payments:

    • Review the overall status of pension payments for the previous month.
    • Discuss any delays or issues encountered in disbursing pension payments.
    • Evaluate the accuracy of pension calculations and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
    • Address any concerns raised by District Accounts Offices regarding pension disbursements.
    • Discuss strategies for improving the efficiency and timeliness of pension payments.

PMDU (Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit ) Complaints:

    • Provide an overview of PMDU complaints received related to pension payments.
    • Analyze the nature of complaints and identify recurring issues.
    • Review the status of resolutions for previous complaints and ensure timely action.
    • Discuss measures taken to address systemic issues highlighted by PMDU complaints.
    • Develop action plans for resolving pending complaints and preventing future occurrences.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

    • Utilize data analytics tools to analyze trends and patterns in pension payments and PMDU complaints.
    • Generate reports to track key performance indicators such as payment timeliness, complaint resolution rates, and compliance metrics.
    • Identify areas for improvement based on data-driven insights.
    • Share relevant data and insights with District Accounts Offices to facilitate informed decision-making.


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