GP Fund


Funds section deals with.

1.  PF-I - Police section
2.  PF-II - Health
3.  PF-III - Education out of Karachi
4.  PF-IV - Education Karachi (School Higher/Sec)
5.  PF-V - Education Karachi (Collages) + secretariats
6.  PF-VI - Services & General Admin, Advocate General, Chief Minister secretariats, Gov. House secretariats , Anti      corruption directorates.

Procedures & Processing

Following documents are required along with Application form.

1.   Application to AG Sindh.
2.   Retirement order.
3.  GP Fund Account Slip issued by Accounts officer of A.G.Sindh from time to time Or (In case of Missing credits) Missing statement along with attested copies of pay bills computer slips of each year.
4.   Certificate about clearance.
5.   One photograph.
6.   Final Payment Performa duly filled in.
7.   No dues no enquiry certificate.
8.   An attached affidavit along with two witnesses along with their NIC copies.
9.   National Identity Card (NIC) copy.
10.  Last Pay Certificate (LPC).
11.  Service booking in case of Non-gazetted.
12.  Death Certificate (in case of death).
13.  Heir ship (in case of death).

Procedures of GPF Transfer Balance to Districts

1.   Application to the DDO addressed to AG Sindh and routed through District Accounts Officer concerned.
2.   In case of missing GPF credits, the DDO is required to submit a missing credits statement duly signed a each page by him/her along with the old pay bills to the District Accounts Officer for verification.
3.   The same is forwarded to the AG Sindh by the Balance requisition duly signed buy him, mentioning the GPF Account numbers of both i.e. AG Sindh and his/her district.
4.   GPF Transfer Balance Authority is prepared by AG Sindh and the same is collected by a special representative of the DAO on every 5th 20th of the month.