Procedures & Processing

Following documents are required along with Application form.

1.   Service certificate in case of non-gazetted.
2.   Service statement issued by gazetted officer in case of non-gazetted.
3.   Last pay certificate.
4.   No demand certificate (from head of department).
5.   Undertaking (Claimant).
6.   Four photographs.
7.   Specimen signature/ thumb impression.
8.   No advance certificate (from head of department).
9.   Retirement order/Notification.
10.  Consolidated certificate issued by pension sanctioning authority.
11.  Certificate of leave salary and pension contribution, if applicable.
12.  Option for commutation.
13.  Certificate of non-receipt of gratuity from the pensioner.

In Case of Death

1.   Death Certificate (in original along with the photocopy) duly attested by a gazetted Officer.
2.   Heir ship Certificate (in original along with the photocopy duly attested by a gazetted officer).
3.   Three latest attested photographs of the widow duly attested by a gazetted officer on backside.
4.   Attested N.I.C. photocopies of widow and her husband.
5.   Descriptive Roll of applied legal heirs duly signed by a gazetted Officer of the concerned Department or 1st class        Magistrate.
6.   No marriage certificate duly signed by gazetted officer.
7.   Photocopy of P.P.O. book duly attested by a gazetted officer.
8.   Application of applied legal heirs through concerned Department.


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