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Mission & Vision

“Our mission is to deliver exceptional financial accounting services that empower to Provincial & District Governments to make informed decisions, ensure compliance with regulations, and achieve financial success. We are dedicated to accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in financial reporting, underpinned by a commitment to ethics and integrity. Through continuous innovation and a Sindh Govt-centric approach, we strive to be the trusted in financial accounting for Provincial Govt. Departments”

“Our vision is to revolutionize financial accounting services, setting new industry standards and leading the way in accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. We aspire to be the foremost provider of cutting-edge financial solutions, leveraging advanced technologies and embracing sustainability principles. By fostering a culture of learning and innovation, we aim to transform financial accounting into a catalyst for our clients’ growth and success, while making a positive impact on society and the environment.”


The office of the Accountant General Sindh has been in existence since the pre-partition period of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent in 1947. The office was known as Comptroller Sindh till October 13, 1955. On October 14, 1955, due to the formation of one unit in West Pakistan, this office was re-designated as Comptroller Southern Area West Pakistan Karachi. The audit jurisdiction was expanded to Baluchistan Province as well. After the A/C work pertaining to Baluchistan and Kalat, which was under the Central Government and being dealt with in Accountant General Pakistan Revenue, staff was also transferred to this office on October 14, 1955. On July 1, 1971, due to the dissolution of one unit in West Pakistan, the office was bifurcated into two separate offices: Comptroller Baluchistan and Comptroller Sindh.

The staff and officers with workloads pertaining to Baluchistan province were transferred to Quetta, and the staff and officers with workloads pertaining to Sindh province were transferred to Sindh. This office remained designated as Comptroller up until June 30, 1972; it was headed by a junior administrative grade officer (now B-19). On July 1, 1972, it was upgraded to that of A.G. Sindh, headed by B-20 officers. The post of head of office was also upgraded from junior to senior administrative grade (now known as B-20). The post of A.G. Sindh was again upgraded from grade 20 to 21 w.e.f. October 23, 1997. Mr. Muhammad Usman was the first accountant general posted in B-21. The office was housed in government-owned Napier Barracks up until 1962.

Office Functions

1. Accounting of Provincial Govt. Accounts
2. GP Fund Payments
3. Pension Payments
4. Pre-Audit of Claims
5. Administration
6. Issuance of Pre-Audit Cheques
7. Data Processing Unit
8. Data Control Cell
9. Treasury Function
10. Pay – Fixation
11. Vigilance Cell
12. Receipt & Dispatch

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Accountant General Message

The office of Accountant General Sindh is part of the Controller General of Accounts. It provides an independent, nonpartisan financial statement of the government of Sindh, approves accounts, and acts as a financial advisor to the government of Sindh. The AG Sindh derives functional powers from the Controller General of Accounts Ordinance 2001. These powers include authorizing expenditures after applying pre-audit checks. However, certain expenditures of the Sindh government are based on pre-audit checks. Therefore, AG Sindh receives such accounts from concerned parties and consolidates them to prepare the financial statement and approval of accounts. All the expenditures of the Sindh government that are pre-audited by the AG Sindh are processed through the SAP-GUI 7.40 network across the Sindh Province.

The AG administration believes in teamwork and strives to achieve excellence in financial management through a computerized environment. It provides computerized pay and allowances to all regular and contract employees of the Government of Sindh and maintains their service records. It provides IT services to GP Fund subscribers and pensioners through state-of-the-art facilitation centers throughout Sindh.