Pension FAQ

Q.   Who will get the pension if there is no adult in pensioners?
A.   If there is no adult in pensioners, guardian will be appointed by the court.
Q.   What documents are required if the date of birth is tampered in service record?
A.   A. Metric certificate in case of literate person.
b.   Medical fitness certificate issued by the civil surgeon in case of illiterate person.
Q.   How to transfer pension payment from Treasury to National Bank or from one branch of NBP to another branch?
A.   Pensioner will submit request to concerned Bank or treasury for transfer of pension payment.
Q.   How to deposit pension contribution if posted in Autonomous body?
A.   If posted in Autonomous body the amount/contribution should be forwarded to DAO/AG Sindh through a Chalan of       State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) along with complete details.
Q.   If the pension has not been drawn up to three years, what action will be required by the pensioner?
A.   Pensioner will submit request along with reasons to Treasury/Bank for revalidation.

Funds FAQ

Q.   How GPF account number can be allotted?
A.   Send your application in prescribed Performa through your DDO to DAO/AG Sindh well before drawing your first        salary.
Q.   What is the amount of subscription?
A.   Grade & Year wise subscription rates are given below:

01 20 25 35 50 85
02 20 40 60 85 145
03 25 45 65 85 160
04 25 45 70 90 170
05 30 50 70 95 180
06 30 50 75 100 195
7 50 55 80 100 205
7 50 55 80 100 205
8 50 60 85 110 215
9 60 60 90 120 230
10 60 65 95 125 245
11 70 70 100 130 265
12 70 75 105 145 455
13 80 130 180 245 495
14 80 140 195 265 540
15 100 150 225 285 585
16 100 175 250 325 660
17 200 250 350 450 870
18 250 300 425 555 1120
19 350 400 575 775 1485
20 400 500 675 915 1710
21 450 550 775 1035 1905
22 500 600 850 1120 2100

Q.   How to deposit subscription if posted in Foreign Service?
A.   If posted in Pakistan, the amount should be deposited in State Bank of Pakistan through Treasury Challan with        complete details like GPF Account No., Name of subscriber and month of subscription etc. If posted outside        Pakistan, the amount should be forwarded to DAO/AG Sindh through a Bank Challan of the State Bank of Pakistan        with complete detail of GPF account number, subscriber name and month of subscription etc.
Q.   How to ensure that recovery is made against correct account number?
A.   Verify your correct account number of GPF through Index Register of Fund Coordination (FC) section.
Q.   How to ensure correct maintenance of G.P.F.?
A.   Your GPF is maintained by your DAO / AG Sindh and in case of your transfer it will be forwarded to that Office after        the submission of your request through proper channel to DAO / AG Sindh. Ensure through annual GPF Statement        that all the subscription, Recovery of advance, temporary advances and withdrawal taken by you is correctly entered.
Q.   How to get a copy of G.P.F. Statement?
A.   You are entitled to get a copy of your GPF Statement annually from DAO / AG Sindh (as the case may be).
Q.   What is required for the adjustment of GPF missing credits in the GPF Account Number of an employee?
A.   Missing credits statement (signed by DDO) along with the attested photocopies of pay bills (at least two for every         year of the missing period) or computerized pay slip issued by AG Sindh are required for adjustment of GPF missing         credits.
Q.   How the GPF balance is transferred from A.G.Sindh to a DAO?
A.   The DDO in district writes for the balance transfer of GPF to the DAO for onward transmission to AG Sindh along        with the missing credits statements (if there are missing in the GPF Account maintained is AG Sindh) duly supported        by documentary evidence. The same is verified by the DAO from his old record and submitted to AG Sindh for the        issuance of GPF Transfer Balance Authority to DAO Concerned through his special representative.